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Podcast Why Full Stack Developers Own the Whole Process

Featuring Steve Griswold, Senior Data Scientist at US Foods

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Technology and data are powerful tools that allow your business to see into the future. 

But prediction sets by themselves don’t solve business needs. 

They need to get into the hands of the decision makers to be actionable. 

That’s the number one motivator for Steve Griswold, Senior Data Scientist at US Foods, in his role as a full stack developer in a large enterprise. 

Steve has a stellar background in programming and an amazing ability to understand complex and robust datasets by meticulously breaking down each portion of the project and returning a highly efficient program that achieves phenomenal results. 

His successes include enabling a small, six-person team to review 200,000+ images in just a few weeks and automating 20 weekly tasks to allow more time for business analysis and solution enhancement. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Steve’s background, including how he found out he was already a data scientist
  • Common misconceptions leaders have when it comes to data science
  • The ins and outs of full stack development
  • How US Foods approached, and structured, its data science program
  • How a data scientist tests hypotheses
  • Why leaders need to allow their data scientists time for learning and experimentation

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