Podcast The 4 Key Indicators of a Thriving Data Culture

Featuring Ganes Kesari, Co-founder and Chief Decision Scientist at Gramener

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With so much data all around us, more and more businesses are joining the pursuit of data culture. One may even say it has officially become a buzzword in the analytics community. 

But, building a data culture needs to be treated as a strategic priority — not just a buzzword label.

So, what are the building blocks required to create a thriving data culture in your organization?

For the answer, we turned to Ganes Kesari, Co-founder and Chief Decision Scientist at Gramener.

Ganes is an entrepreneur, AI thought leader, author, and TEDx speaker. Ganes advises executives of large organizations on data-driven decision making. His expertise lies in the application of data science to solve business challenges, and in building teams to promote a culture of data.

In this episode, he breaks down the 4 key indicators of a lasting data culture.

We also talked about:

  • Why executives need to be the biggest advocates for data-driven change
  • The mindset shift needed to seed a data culture
  • The importance of having a technology strategy
  • The role & authority of a Chief Data Officer
  • Picking the right metric to measure success
  • How to identify your internal data champions/early adopters
  • The model for measuring data maturity
  • How to define “data culture”
  • Is data & analytics overvalued?

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