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Podcast How Data Storytelling Gives You a Powerful Voice for Change

Featuring Stephen Harris, Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Data Science & Growth Analytics at Microsoft

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The art of data storytelling isn’t just a nice-to-have function in your business. 

Effectively communicating data can mean the difference between being honest with regulators and lying to them. 

And it can even mean the difference between life and death.

That realization is one Stephen Harris, Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Data Science & Growth Analytics at Microsoft, learned the hard way as he contemplated whether he or others working on the data at the time could have prevented the Space Shuttle Columbia crash.

Data storytelling is your voice. And the right stories are how you get the outcomes you want. 

Stephen’s 27 years of professional experience are filled with numerous successes. He also promotes transparency in his failures and mistakes as lessons learned and toolkits to accelerate growth. 

He is an energetic and results-driven leader, able to navigate with precision to assimilate and influence a net positive change in any environment. His insatiable thirst to discover, build understanding, share and foster collaborative dialogue fuels his passion to identify and solve complex business issues. 

Stephen brings a broad and deep set of strategic and tactical approaches built from his experiences with highly competitive multinational fortune 100/500/1000 corporations, management consulting, tech and public sector. 

He has successfully led through local, national, and global crisis, (9/11, Space Shuttle Columbia, Katrina) including recent successes with the global COVID-19 pandemic and America’s corporate response and action plan to social injustice for the Black Community.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Stephen’s personal life experience has informed and guided his professional experience
  • Stephen’s experience with Space Shuttle Columbia
  • The problems with obscure and fragmented data
  • Tips for aspiring data leaders
  • How to build a culture willing to receive change

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