Podcast How to Cultivate a Culture of Experimentation

Featuring Talin Koutnouyan, Vice President of Research & Analytics at Influential

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Most business leaders want certainty — you spend X amount of dollars on marketing, you get X in profit. 

Often, however, the best results come not from certainty, but experimentation.

Maybe we should think a little more like scientists.

That’s something Talin Koutnouyan, Vice President of Research & Analytics at Influential, has learned in her career. She joins Cassidy in the latest episode to share the secrets to building a culture of experimentation.

They discuss:

  • Why all organizations, big and small, are similar in their pursuit of growth (and mindshare) 
  • Why experimentation is so important in business and marketing
  • How to cultivate an experimentation culture
  • The timeless business and marketing principles that don’t require testing
  • The 4 skills needed to lead an experimentation culture
  • Why you need to focus on value, not your product
  • How to be more intentional about your experimentation

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