Podcast Building a Diverse Team Leads to a Stronger Data Culture

Featuring Juan Riojas, CDO of Rackspace

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If you want to create a data-informed culture at your company, you need 3 things:

  1. Diversity of thought and a diverse team. 
  2. Democratized knowledge of the data and how to act on it.
  3. And everyone aligned to a stake in the outcome. 

That’s what Juan Riojas has learned in his career and in his current role as CDO at Rackspace. As Chief Data Officer at Rackspace, Juan is responsible for enterprise-wide data strategy, management, and analytics to meet the need of the business through time to insight. 

Prior to Rackspace, Juan worked for Informatica building their inaugural Data Office and has held various executive leadership roles at Gogo, Dell, and Accenture.

This week he joins Cassidy to discuss:

  • How building a diverse team led to a stronger data culture at Rackspace and the framework behind how you can do the same thing
  • Why everyone knowing the data is the only way to compete on customer experience
  • Why everyone needs a stake in the outcome

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