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Podcast How to Harness Disruptive Innovation

Featuring Marcus Weldon, CTO at Nokia and President of Bell Labs

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Most companies start off as innovative, because they invent and implement something novel and disruptive.

Over time, although innovation typically continues, it gets harder to disruptively innovate, which is dangerous, because if you’re not disrupting your industry, someone else eventually will.

It’s something Marcus Weldon worked on day in and day out as CTO at Nokia and President of Bell Labs

He joins Cassidy in the latest episode of Leading with Data to share everything you need to know to be on the winning side of the disruptive innovation game. 

What we talked about:

  • What disruptive innovation is
  • Why your company should aim to disrupt
  • Why innovation is not just about invention but also implementation
  • Why a disruptive innovation needs to be 10x better than the incumbent solution
  • Why you should aim to spend 1% of your revenue on innovation
  • Why buy-in matters for innovation
  • How diversity of everything leads to the most disruptive innovation
  • The power of storytelling to shape innovation

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