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Podcast The Key to Democratizing Analytics

Featuring Joel Shapiro, Professor of Data Analytics & Chief Analytics Officer at Varicent

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Democratizing analytics is not about disseminating dashboards throughout an organization or spending a ton of money on putting in a new data infrastructure. Availability of data is not the key to democratizing analytics.

In this episode, Cassidy speaks with Joel Shapiro, Professor of Data Analytics & Chief Analytics Officer at Varicent, about how having an understanding of how data analytics solves business problems is the key to democratizing analytics.

Joel is an expert at helping organizations generate business value with data analytics. He is currently the Chief Analytics Officer at Varicent, a leading Sales Performance Management solution provider. He also teaches advanced analytics to MBA students at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Joel is a regular contributor to Forbes and CNBC and his work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and cited by top business publications, such as Business Insider.

We discuss:

  • Fitting data analytics into a business school curriculum
  • How to truly democratize analytics
  • Why organizations don’t prioritize data education
  • Training people to think about data as information
  • The ad hoc nature of analytics
  • How to know when your data team is the right size
  • Why everyone will need to have data skills in the future

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