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Podcast How to Construct a Better Data Narrative

Featuring Maria Massei-Rosato, former VP and Data Evangelist at Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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A lot of data practitioners struggle with telling an effective data story. They excel at getting the data. They have expert-level knowledge of data visualizations. What they lack is a clear understanding of how to choose the right story to tell.

In today’s episode, Cassidy speaks with Maria Massei-Rosato, former Vice President and Data Evangelist at Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Among other topics, they chat about her journey in data science and her advice for constructing the right data narrative.

Maria has over 25 years of experience in software development and data analytics. During her time at the Central Bank, she created a start-up practice that elevated their ability to connect and synthesize disparate and complex informational sources and create insightful analyses.

Aside from her strengths in data analysis, she’s also a talented writer. Her screenplay, Lost in Control, placed in 14 film festivals and won best screenplay at the Milan International Film Festival and the Montana Covellite Film Festival. The film is based on her memoir, which is a mother-daughter story shaped by lessons she learned while cycling across the country over seven and a half weeks.

It’s this unique combination of skills that made her the perfect person to launch a data storytelling course at Parsons School of Design. Additionally, she leads customized workshops based on this course for organizations interested in learning more about data storytelling techniques.

Topics covered:

  • Pursuing a career that combines both analytical and creative aspects
  • The process of creating and teaching a data storytelling course
  • Tips for constructing a better data narrative
  • Why design thinking and adaptive leadership should be more widely adopted

Learn more about Maria on her website, on IMDb, and on Instagram.

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