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Podcast The Blueprint for Data Literacy Transformation

Featuring Valerie Logan, CEO & Founder of THE DATA LODGE

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It seems that everyone is talking about data literacy today. CDOs position literacy among their top priorities and for many organizations, it is one of their most pressing needs. But, how do you actually create data literacy? What’s the best approach? How do you get started?

In this episode, Cassidy chats with Valerie Logan, CEO & Founder at THE DATA LODGE, about her pragmatic approach to teaching and promoting data literacy within your organization. 

Valerie is on a mission to train and certify the world’s first data literacy program leads across the globe… from her house in the woods. This mission led her to start THE DATA LODGE — a virtual home for growing data literacy, where she leads bootcamps and keeps a resource library for data literacy advocates.

Before that, Valerie was a VP at Gartner, where she led their Data & Analytics Group and brought to market the idea of Information as a Second Language (ISL).  She has also been a leader at companies like HP, Knightsbridge Solutions, and IBM. As a researcher, she focuses on the area of emerging leadership models, including the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO).

We discuss:

  • The origin and framework of THE DATA LODGE
  • Valerie’s teaching & program methodology
  • How to define data literacy
  • Three elements that make up data literacy: mindset, language, and skills
  • ISL and mastering the VIA model
  • The signs & symptoms of a lack of data literacy
  • How executives can model the way & advocate for data literacy
  • Why data literacy is one of the biggest invisible problems out there

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Check out these resources (+ this picture of Valerie’s life-sized scrabble board) mentioned during the podcast:

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