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Podcast How to Begin Bridging the Data Literacy Gap

Featuring Ben Jones, Founder & CEO at Data Literacy

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Data literacy is not only important for businesses who want to be successful and individuals looking to level up their careers. At a macro level, it’s integral to addressing all the problems we face as a society.

In this episode, Cassidy speaks with Ben Jones, Founder & CEO at Data Literacy, about the steps an organization can take to begin closing the data literacy gap.

Ben is an experienced and passionate data instructor. He has taught hundreds of thousands of students in both corporate and academic environments and currently teaches data visualization theory at the University of Washington. An accomplished author, Ben has written five books including Avoiding Data Pitfalls and Data Literacy Fundamentals.

In 2018, Ben became aware of a huge gap in data literacy, data education, and data assessments and decided to launch a company to address what he saw as a critical problem in our society. The company — Data Literacy — helps businesses, government agencies, and individuals break through the barriers holding them back from improving their data knowledge and skills.

Topics covered:

  • Filling the data literacy, education, and assessments gap
  • The evolution of data literacy
  • How to start improving data literacy within your organization
  • How leadership has contributed to the gap
  • The importance of the human element in data
  • The costs of falling into data pitfalls 

Reach out to Ben on LinkedIn, by email (, or on Twitter (@dataremixed). 

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