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Podcast The Path to Building a
Data-Driven Culture

Featuring Bruno Aziza, Head of Google Cloud Data & Analytics at Google

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Thinking it’s trendy isn’t a strong enough reason to develop a data strategy, culture or structure for your business. You need to integrate the purpose of your business with the purpose of the data you collect and use.

We’re lucky to be joined by Bruno Aziza, Head of Google Cloud Data & Analytics at Google, who shares how to develop a culture that embraces the use of data in everyday decision-making.

What we talked about:

  • Bruno’s dedication and approach to learning and teaching
  • The evolution of business intelligence 
  • Distilling customers’ data challenges 
  • Why you shouldn’t let vendors label what you do & instead define it yourself 
  • Red flags that indicate an unsustainable data culture
  • The difference between data warehouses & data lakes
  • Actionable advice to build a data-driven culture

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

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