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Podcast Charting Your Own Course as a CDO

Featuring Wendy Batchelder, Chief Data Officer at VMware

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Chief Data Officers. 

They are the voice of data and the leaders of transformation within an organization. Today, their role is imperative to driving growth and innovation. Over the years the role of the CDO has evolved, gaining significant traction in the industry. 

However, the role’s responsibilities remain pretty undefined. 

Therefore, it is often up to these individuals to define their role, chart their own course, and pave the way for data to be used meaningfully across the company.  

As the first CDO of VMware, Wendy Batchelder knows this challenge better than anyone. 

As Chief Data Officer, Wendy is responsible for the company’s business insights, analytics solutions and delivering excellence in data management across VMware. 

Wendy has spent over 15 years in leadership roles at a variety of global companies spanning various industries. Prior to her role at VMware, she held various leadership roles at Wells Fargo, including Head of Enterprise Master & Reference Data and Head of the Corporate Risk Data Office. 

In this episode, Wendy shares practical tips on how to spearhead a data-driven transformation and succeed in the Chief Data Officer role. 

We also discuss:

  • Wendy’s career trajectory that led her to VMware
  • Building diverse data teams
  • How to measure the success of a data transformation
  • How to improve data literacy organically
  • What is really means to be data-driven
  • Wendy’s leadership philosophy
  • Data management, governance, and the notion of “access”
  • The future of the CDO role

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