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Podcast How to Build a Winning Data Strategy

Featuring Jason Krantz, Founder & CEO of Strategy Titan

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Moving toward a more data-driven culture is certainly attainable, and it starts with a data strategy. 

A data strategy is often viewed as a technical exercise, but a modern and comprehensive data strategy addresses more than the data — it is a roadmap that defines how data will address business objectives and generate real value. 

And no one knows how to create that roadmap better than Jason Krantz, Founder & CEO of Strategy Titan, a data analytics company that helps organizations grow their top lines, bottom lines and valuations by “weaponizing” data and transforming it into a competitive advantage.

With over 10 years of business analytics, data science, and strategic leadership experience in public and private equity owned business, Jason specializes in creating award winning analytics strategy, capabilities, teams, and solutions that drive tangible revenue and EBITDA improvements.

He’s also co-host of Transformation Nation, a podcast all about personal and professional transformation. With Jordan Morrow by his side, the two share strategies and tactics to maximize your potential and start investing in you.

Jason joins us on the podcast to share his tried & true process for helping companies build a winning data strategy. 

We also discuss:

  • Becoming an entrepreneur & the origin of Strategy Titan
  • How the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation
  • Aligning your data strategy with business objectives
  • How companies are tackling data strategy backwards
  • How to ask the right questions about your data [the 5 question approach]
  • Thinking about your data as tool to answer questions
  • How to establish trust with business leaders
  • How business literacy will cross over into data literacy

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