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Podcast Data, The Universe & Everything: Telling Better Data Stories

A data storytelling panel featuring Sunita Menon, Leslie Squires Gimple, & Kimberly Herrington

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Storytelling is a trait universally shared by human beings. But does that make data storytelling innate or is it a skill we develop? 

This week, you’ll hear from 3 experts about how they’ve strengthened their data storytelling muscles and how putting it to practice has improved the businesses they’re a part of as well as their careers.

Our guests include:

Leslie Squires Gimple, Senior Manager, Reporting and Analytics at Rackspace.

Having been with the company for about 13 years now, Leslie has risen through the ranks at Rackspace, where she is currently leading the software developers, BI developers, as well as visual analysts.

Kimberly Herrington, Data Journalist and Creator of #BuffaloBusinessIntelligence.

Kimberly has a wealth of experience getting hands-on with data in the health world, and is excited to find stories in numbers. She stays on top of health analytics trends to create clever data stories and content that bring value to the organization.

Sunita Menon, Global Data Executive, Freelance. 

Sunita is a global executive who has transformed the business using data-driven strategies to achieve productivity, cost savings, and revenue growth while building data-driven organizations, governance, and mindsets. 

This insightful conversation comes from our event, Humanalytics, where we talked about:

  • What data storytelling means
  • Whether data storytelling is a skill, talent or business function
  • How data storytelling drives decisions, insights and actions
  • The democratization of data and data storytelling
  • Using data storytelling to build relationships
  • The difference between data storytelling and data literacy
  • Data’s role in transparency and diversity and inclusion

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

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