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Podcast Leading with Data:
Best of 2021

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In celebration of the new year, we’ve identified 10 episodes & guests from 2021 whose stories, experiences, challenges, and visions are the reason we do this podcast. 

They’ve given us practical advice for navigating through a digital transformation — illustrating clearly what to start doing today and stop doing tomorrow.  They’ve presented “better ways” that challenge the status quo and paint a picture of the future of data & analytics. 

But most importantly, they’ve shown us what it means to be a leader in this space.

In this episode, host Cassidy Shield, shares his key takeaways from each episode.

Check out the full episodes featured in the show:

  1. Every System will Break, So Build a Culture that Won’t w/ Tim O’Keefe
  2. Leading the Charge for Diversity in Data Science w/ Sadie St. Lawrence
  3. The Path to Building a Data-Driven Culture w/ Bruno Aziza
  4. How to Align Culture Transformation with Business Strategy w/ Elena Grotto & Felicia Joy
  5. The Blueprint for Data Literacy Transformation w/ Valerie Logan
  6. How to Build a Winning Data Strategy w/ Jason Krantz
  7. Charting Your Own Course as a CDO w/ Wendy Batchelder
  8. How to Improve Data Adoption Through Human-Centered Design w/ Ally Margain
  9. How to Coach Your Team to Become Data Storytellers w/ David Ciommo
  10. Why Most Analytics Projects Don’t Live Up to Their Hype w/ Dustin Schimek

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