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Customer Story How Lexio is Helping New Story Charity Build Homes Differently By Automating Operational Insights

New Story Charity uses Lexio to automate their operational insights so they can increase organizational efficiency and project performance.

New Story Charity strives to optimize their data collection and analysis process so they can discover operational insights they can actually act on — increasing their organizational efficiency and project performance.

With Lexio, they are now able to do this without any manual lift — maximizing their time and resources so they can focus on driving their mission forward. Watch their story below.

Data Changemaker Spotlight | New Story Charity

Data Storytelling for Good, a Narrative Science initiative to showcase society-improving uses for data storytelling technology, is proud to partner with New Story Charity, a non-profit organization pioneering solutions to end global homelessness by developing breakthrough solutions for community building that can be tested, implemented, and shared.

“Lexio has provided a lot more of that real time information, in a way that was more valuable. We have primarily now been referring to Lexio for the most up-to-date information. Lexio has created the opportunity for us to not have to hire additional analysts to do these insights manually.”

Genevieve Heidkamp, Impact Systems Senior Manager at New Story

“I’m always looking for an opportunity where I don’t have to do a ton of work to get something off the ground. With many other BI tools, there’s a lot more manual lift in order to connect all of the data points exactly where you want to go. Lexio basically just gave read only access to the raw data and was able to drive those insights that we would have had to do manually ourselves.” says Genevieve Heidkamp, Impact Systems Senior Manager at New Story.

New Story Charity is pioneering solutions to end global homelessness, then sharing those solutions with other in the ecosystem — so everyone can build better.

Data Storytelling for Good

We started Data Storytelling for Good because we believe Narrative Science, while focused on building innovative and impactful products in its day-to-day, can bring immense value to the mission of making our communities and the world a better place. We know that one of our greatest assets is the software that we develop and our personnel who can educate users on the best ways to utilize our products. Data storytelling technology in the hands of organizations doing good can create a force multiplier because the time and energy saved from using data storytelling can allow an organization to make an even bigger impact on its community.

We are excited about our partnership with New Story Charity because it shows how our newest product, Lexio, can support organizations who are tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. Lexio is a data storytelling product that turns data into interactive stories so anyone can understand and act on data.

New Story Charity has two bank accounts: one for building homes, and one for everything else. 100% of donations go towards building a home for a family. Always.

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