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In October 2020, we launched Leading with Data: A Podcast for Data & Analytics Leaders.

At this moment, we are 40 episodes deep into our podcast journey. Since launch, our host and VP of Marketing, Cassidy Shield, has worked hard to bring our listeners engaging conversations with leaders who are driving change in their organizations using data. We’ve heard from:

  • Executive leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Community builders
  • Researchers
  • Data scientists
  • Analysts
  • Professors
  • Global marketers
  • And more!

We’ve explored a variety of topics that span across industries. From healthcare to edtech. From unlocking marketing potential to building the modern data stack. Leading with Data is a podcast dedicated to sharing the tried and true strategies that inspire data-driven decisions across companies decisions that help move the needle and create change.

If you have ever wished to be a fly on the wall during insightful and transformative conversations with data & analytics thought leaders, this is the show for you. Here are 5 episodes to get you started:

1. Episode #40 with Dr. Aditi Srivastav Bussells: Telling Accessible Stories with Public Health Data

Data plays an integral role in solving the complex problems of public health by providing evidence-based solutions that can benefit the entire population.

In this episode, Cassidy talks with Dr. Aditi Srivastav Bussells, Director of Research at Children’s Trust of South Carolina, about the integral role data plays in public health and the importance of making data accessible for all, especially those who may have no experience with it.

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2. Episode #39 with Jordan Morrow: How to Master the 4 Levels of Data Literacy

Data literacy is the missing piece keeping most organizations from truly leveraging data to drive successful business outcomes. Luckily, we’re talking to the man who created the roadmap to data literacy.

In this episode, Cassidy chats with Jordan Morrow, Head of Data, Design, and Management Skills at Pluralsight, about how to bring data literacy to your organization.

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3. Episode #34 with Talin Koutnouyan: How to Cultivate a Culture of Experimentation

Most business leaders want certainty — you spend X amount of dollars on marketing, you get X in profit. Often, however, the best results come not from certainty, but experimentation.

Maybe we should think a little more like scientists.

That’s something Talin Koutnouyan, Vice President of Research & Analytics at Influential, has learned in her career. She joins Cassidy in this episode to share the secrets to building a culture of experimentation.

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4. Episode #25 with Tim O’Keefe: Every System will Break, So Build a Culture that Won’t

In business, growth is a good thing.But in hypergrowth, you’re growing so fast that every system and process you have breaks in record time.

How do you handle that?

For Tim O’Keefe, Head of Data Analytics at Canva, it all boils down to culture. In this episode, he shares how you can build a culture that can’t be broken (even if everything else is).

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5. Episode #19 with Guy Levy-Yurista: Why Technology Without Humanity Is Meaningless

When you use data to tell a story, you’re engaging in something fundamentally human. Narrative, meaning, communication — stories are what separate us from the other animals.

And as data leaders, we need to always put the human front-and-center in our approach.

That’s one of the many pieces of sage wisdom Guy Levy-Yurista, CEO of Synthace and former Chief Strategy Officer at Sisense, shares in this episode.

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