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Blog How to Drive Revenue Through Your B2B Podcast with the CEO of Sweetfish Media

At Camp Revenue, Narrative Science’s virtual marketing summit we heard from Cohost of the B2B Growth Show and Founder of Sweet Fish Media, James Carbary on how to create a B2B podcast that will actually drive revenue.

Key insights from the session:

Getting people to agree to be on your podcast is a warmer outreach tactic than asking someone to purchase something from you. First of all, it is an exciting and flattering email to receive and your likelihood of getting a response is much higher. Second, it is a good way to begin building a relationship with a potential customer. Sales is all about relationships and having a relationship before the big ask helps aid the sales process.

“I feel like I missed the podcast boat”

It is absolutely not too late to get into podcasting. It might even be early. Very few podcasts are extremely active, in a way that doesn’t allow for competitors. Also, there likely isn’t a podcast that is specifically made for your target audience. Your target market is likely a very niche persona, who hasn’t been specifically targeted yet.

Laser focus on your customer

If you are going to create a podcast, don’t make it around your expertise, make it around your customer’s expertise or interests. The goal is to get the attention of someone at your target account, you have to be in their space for that to happen. Go to your audience, don’t make them come to you. This is a tactic marketers are likely already familiar with since it is the same guiding principles as ABM marketing.

Finally, don’t be afraid to start a podcast about something that isn’t your expertise. If you are targeting manufacturing but have never even picked up a hammer, don’t worry. As long as you ask the right questions, your guest will do all the technical talk. 

Watch the full recording to learn more.

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