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Blog How to Create Content So Good People Will Want to Pay For It

At Camp Revenue, Narrative Science’s virtual marketing summit, Devin Reed, Head of Content Strategy at Gong & Host of Reveal Podcast, presented on how to create mouthwatering content.

Key Insights from this talk:

High quality content is hard to make. There is a lot that goes into creating a great content strategy and creating great content itself. Great content is relevant, interesting, insightful and immediately actionable for the audience.

The content sweet spot

High quality content has to be both informative and entertaining, it has to hit the sweet spot to be highly effective. When it comes to content, entertainment gets people to click and gets viewers to your page but top notch insights and information is what keeps them there. It’s what makes them come back and spread the word.

Speaking of spreading the word, one of the best ways to get your content out there is to create raving fans of your content. Why? These raving fans will do a good amount of the promotion work for you. When you have raving fans, they share, tag and interact with your content. This gets it in front of others and lets social media algorithms know your content is worth promoting.

Let’s start a fan club

How do you get these fans? A huge step is making sure you really know your audience. You need to know what their problems are, when they are having these problems and how your company can help. Knowing these things will help you, respectively, what their needs are, when is the best time/place for them to hear about your company and how to position your solution.

Watch the full session to learn more.

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