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Blog How Focusing on the Fundamentals of Revenue Marketing Has Reignited Growth

At Camp Revenue, Narrative Science’s virtual marketing summit we heard from VP of Growth Marketing at InVision, Elle Woulfe on how high volume freemium play and a very strong brand led to meteoric growth at InVision.

Key insights from this session:

For Elle, a large part of being successful in marketing is being brave. You have to be willing to take risks, try out of the norm solutions and accept the risk of failure. Being brave but also being thoughtful in your actions as a marketer is the recipe for success.

Importance of growth marketing

Elle also discovered the benefit of having a distinguished growth marketing team. Growth marketing is about driving revenue throughout the whole marketing funnel. There are three levers instrumental for the success of growth marketers, people, program and process. Growth marketers need to be able to manipulate the right levers at the right time to create successful campaigns. By mastering the use of these three systems, driving revenue becomes predictable and repeatable.

A simple 3 part plan

Finally, success can be achieved through a simple three part plan to expand market share.

  • Expand Top of Funnel
  • Support expansive movement within the funnel
  • Create a culture of performance.

For more information and insights into this strategy and the others Elle puts forward, watch the full recording above.

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