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Customer Story Actionable insight delivered with stories in Tableau dashboards


A Fortune 100 Insurance and Finance Company needed a better way to analyze data and communicate results. The Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) team for Life & Retirement Division spent upwards of 80% of their time building and explaining dashboards. The content they produced was heavily focused on the ”what” rather than they “why” or “how” of an analysis. This left plenty of room for ambiguity and additional questions.

Reporting historically occurred in spreadsheets, slides, and similar forms of manually-generated content. As a result, the analysis was not only time-consuming, surface-level, and generic; but was unable to scale with the demands of increasing data.

The Solution

The FP&A team had a goal of eliminating PowerPoint and allowing machines to deliver most of the “what” in data analysis. As a result, analysts and team members can focus on delivering deeper insights in their reports. Nearly all of which is now delivered via Tableau.

The head of the group describes her vision to implement BI technology and provide “actionable insight at everybody’s hands.” Success for her is using Tableau and Quill to eliminate external expense reporting. Ultimately, this will enable the team of five currently generating these reports, to work on higher order tasks.

The customer is starting with Quill for Tableau for the Life & Retirement team. This winning combination increases the efficiency and understanding of the team, regardless of each individual’s proficiency. Working with Narrative Science allows the company flexibility to bring natural language stories into all of their dashboards.


  • Scale: Empowers 300 users to build & consume dashboards with stories
  • Speed: Reports available in near real-time
  • Consistency: Objective insights are derived from data for uniform distribution

What our customers are saying

“With the extension from Narrative Science, we are able to completely refocus efforts from explaining dashboards to digging in on deeper analysis.” – Head of Financial Planning & Analysis, Fortune 100 Insurance Corporation

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