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Customer Story Building a wealth of investment research coverage and quality


A leading financial services company advises clients on all aspects of finance. The company leverages an investment research platform that provides an objective view of over 20,000 companies worldwide. Investors can utilize interactive visualization tools within the platform to analyze and make comparisons to guide their decisions. To provide further explanation, a team of analysts is charged with writing insights to accompany these charts. Due to the high volume of companies that require research and the need to achieve a consistent voice and level of detail across research, it was clear the firm needed a solution to streamline the production of this analysis.

The Solution

The firm turned to Narrative Science’s authoring platform, Quill, to automatically generate investment research in succinct and accurate stories. This provided further coverage by producing more research than was previously possible, exponentially increasing the coverage of high-quality investment research. Through utilizing Quill, the firm has improved investment research coverage, quality, and consistency and freed its teams to focus on client engagement and higher-level content. Additionally, Quill has helped the team produce content in a branded voice and tone that is consistent across regions and can scale across all customer touch points.


  • 300% increase in research coverage
  • Custom at scale with plain-English stories available on demand
  • Focus priorities by allocating resources to high-value activities

What analysts are saying

“Financial services institutions have used NLG tools to enhance executive decision making, improve personalization for customer advice and communications, and for earnings reports” – Gartner, Where Banks can use Smart Machines

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