Customer Story Colorado Horse Rescue saves time, resources, and horses using Lexio

Colorado Horse Rescue uses Lexio to track web form conversions and traffic to critical webpages

To grow their impact, CHR must increase awareness about the issues facing many American horses as well as attract new potential adopters.

The primary means of outreach is through their newly redesigned website ( CHR needs to be able to assess web traffic and conversions quickly and effectively as well as understand the correlations between marketing efforts and increased adoption applications. Having data presented in an easy to understand format enables the team to allocate marketing resources to gain the greatest potential return.

Data Storytelling for Good, a Narrative Science initiative to showcase society-improving uses for data storytelling technology, is proud to partner with Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR), a Longmont, Colorado-based organization with a mission to create a better world for horses through rescue of at-risk horses, care and rehabilitation, adoption and education.

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"As a nonprofit/impact organization it is vital that we make smart decisions about how we deploy our limited financial resources."

Katherine Gregory, Executive Director of CHR

“We are thrilled to be working with Lexio and the incredible team behind it,” says Katherine Gregory, Executive Director of CHR.

Marketing Associate Grace Degnan checks out notable insights in the Lexio Newsfeed

Data Storytelling for Good

We started Data Storytelling for Good because we believe Narrative Science, while focused on building innovative and impactful products in its day-to-day, can bring immense value to the mission of making our communities and the world a better place. We know that one of our greatest assets is the software that we develop and our personnel who can educate users on the best ways to utilize our products. Data storytelling technology in the hands of organizations doing good can create a force multiplier because the time and energy saved from using data storytelling can allow an organization to make an even bigger impact on its community.

We are excited about our partnership with CHR because it shows the impact our newest product, Lexio, can have on an organization trying to make the world better for horses.

Colorado Horse Rescue believes that it’s up to us — all of us — to create new traditions in the best interest of horses, humans and the partnership we share.

Data Storytelling for Good Involvement

After initial discussions with Katherine, it was clear that CHR analyzed several different types of data from various sources on a regular basis and that the experience of Lexio could make a huge difference in how all this data was consumed. In order to keep scope of our first project small, we wanted to identify a single source that we could bring into Lexio as a first use case.

CHR uses Google Analytics to track web traffic sources and pageviews as well as events such as form submissions. Lexio has a simple Google Analytics connector, so this seemed like the logical place to start because the data could be brought in quickly, the data has a known schema and telling stories from this data could be a big help to CHR.

Marketing Associate Grace Degnan worked with our Lexio team to connect CHR’s data and understand the relevant data points.

Lexio has been a game changer in how I keep up with Colorado Horse Rescue’s website traffic data

“This tool makes it incredibly easy to track weekly trends and see where our website’s traffic is coming from, while presenting it in a way that is easy to digest. I am very thankful, especially as a nonprofit, that we are able to take advantage of the many benefits of Lexio,” says Marketing Associate Grace Degnan.

After that, NS and CHR worked together to create a relevant newsfeed of important metrics (web traffic, form impressions and form conversions) and Lexio bookmarks that could be shared internally within CHR.

After a few weeks, we were happy to see when looking at our product usage Lexio stories that CHR engages with Lexio regularly. We didn’t want to poke too much because we know Katherine and her team are super busy with their mission, but it is great to know that they are getting use out of Lexio.

CHR tracks trends in web traffic using Lexio

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