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Blog Using Qlik & Data Storytelling to Safely Reopen During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 public health crisis impacts our world, it is harder than ever to make informed decisions. The data can be complex, volatile, and often confusing, which means people can get stuck trying to find key takeaways—or they may have to rely on someone else to provide a summary.

Recently, our attention has turned to reopening and what information indicates our ability to do so safely in various parts of the country. Narrative Science and our partner, Qlik, have teamed up to use the power of Data Storytelling technology to help determine these circumstances.

With Qlik dashboards and our data storytelling extension, Quill, customers are empowered to make informed, data-driven decisions such as when it is safe for employees to return to work and which offices to open first. 

Quill is an extension for Qlik that turns the underlying data from a dashboard into clear, written summaries that anyone can read. This means that everyone in the organization can increase their understanding of key trends impacting health and business, even with the most complex dashboards.

Join us and Qlik in our webinar on June 10th at 1pm CT to learn practical tips for how you can make informed decisions for your business during times of uncertainty.

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