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Blog Time to Get Serious and Actually Create Video

In this session from Camp Revenue, you’ll hear from Ethan Beute,
Chief Evangelist at BombBomb.

Video’s no longer just for marketing. Learn why and how sales, customer success, leadership, and other teams are using personal video messages for clearer communication and better results … and the easiest way to start!

Key insights from this session:

Lights, camera, you talking directly to your customers. Ethan Beute claims that adding video to any communication you have with your customers puts you and your company onto the path of success. Why? Video puts the messenger back into the message. Therefore, you are set apart from competitors, stay front of mind for the customer and leave a good impression. The world of video may seem daunting but it is actually quite easier than it seems.

Keep it simple

When discussing marketing videos, there are lots of types of videos that may come to mind. What Ethan advocates for is informal videos that showcase you and speak directly to someone. The videos are intended to be used instead of typed out messages. These videos should be simple, casual, conversational and targeted toward the recipient.

Focus on experience

User experience is so critical it’s hard to express. Customer experience is your last and best differentiator. Customer experience is rooted in the emotions your customer or potential customer has while interacting with your brand. People will forget a lot of things but they don’t forget feelings as easily. The feelings, good or bad, a person has about your company turns into what they tell their friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. Adding emotion and personal touch through video creates a positive emotional connection for that customer, giving them a better experience. 

Tips for video

  • Practice on people you know
  • Turn on every light possible
  • Don’t use a script
  • Look into the lens

Watch the full recording to learn more.

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