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Blog The Marketing Dashboard You Need to Shift To

In this session from Camp Revenue, you’ll hear from Nicholas Kelly, Director of Visual Analytics at Logic 2020.

The world has changed and how we engage our customers has fundamentally changed. This session will walk you through the KPIs and metrics your marketing team needs to be looking at and how they will drive the next marketing transformation.

Key insights from this session:

In the marketing world, we are insight poor but data rich. We aren’t often using data to its full potential. This can occur for a number of reasons but the important part is how do we move to an insight driven marketing culture? What small steps can we take to ensure our data is being maximized?

Ask every question, even the simple ones

There is often a disconnect between CMOs and other managers within the marketing team. This disconnect can affect the communication of needs to other teams within the organization. When starting to create a new dashboard, ask the simple questions too. Ask what the purpose of the dashboard will be and what the desired outcomes are, even if it seems obvious. These questions can bring to light miscommunications.

Go on the whole journey

Creating usable and helpful dashboards is a three step process where each step is critical to success. We can’t skip any steps in the journey and expect positive outcomes. The steps, in order, are requirements gathering, vision and launch/adoption. Each of these steps has sub-steps which are detailed in the full presentation.

Watch the full session to learn more.

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