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Data Stories Deep Dive Episode 4 Recap: Our own Nate Nichols

For Episode 4 of Data Stories Deep Dive, we spoke with our very own Nate Nichols. Nate is a Distinguished Principal – Product Strategy and Architecture at Narrative Science. He leads our incubation team and is our resident storyteller. He joins us to talk about how fast AI is changing in three areas – learning, human communication, and empathy- and how that will impact the future of work. Listen to the full episode to learn how you can prepare for and thrive in this future.


  • With AI, I think the future of work will have 3 big positives:
    • Work is going to be more creative. Artificial intelligence will be able to take over many of those uncreative, manual tasks.
    • Work is going to be more open. There are many companies that have a lot of silos between departments and otherwise; those siloes will be broken down with the use of AI.
    • Work will be more empowering/humanized. As computers get better, we will be able to focus our time on the empowering things- the things that make us feel good and operate at the top of our game.
  • What is the definition of AI? If the computer is doing something that if a human did it, we would think is intelligent, then that’s Artificial Intelligence. 
  • AI encompasses two things and the biggest advances within the space will deal with how to use these things together.
    • Knowledge: what the system knows
    • Judgement: what the system knows to do with that information

There’s more about the future of work and different AI technologies in the full episode. As a reminder, our video series is hosted by our VP of Marketing, Cassidy Shield. We will feature different data storytelling experts to show you how to best use your data. The mission is simple- we want to teach everyone how to be a better data storyteller. 

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