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Blog The best advice I can give to anyone, anywhere.

This blog post is the third of 3 in a series of three about my journey to Narrative Science, my journey to starting my own company and how my work, my contributions and my life have gotten exponentially better as a result.  

So where does all of this net out? 

Well, I am writing for the Narrative Science blog, so I’m sure you’ve made the assumption that there’s a happy ending here. Or maybe, better put, a happy continuation of the story.

I am still building my career with Narrative Science where I am passionately moving our mission forward by helping people and businesses all over the west coast adapt to the new normal and adopt a new way of doing business – one that is more human, more empathetic and more mobile.  Everyday looks a little different with new challenges and new opportunities presenting themselves at every turn, as we bring the first data storytelling product of its kind to market and create a new category of analytics software for a world filled with people that have been underserved by the existing tools.  My boss is always asking me “Are you smarter than you were yesterday?  Are we better than we were last week?  Are we helping more people this month than we were last month?” He keeps me on my toes and he encourages me to pull from my experiences at Manifest to move the Narrative Science business forward.

In addition to my work at Narrative Science, I am passionately moving Manifest forward taking it one day at a time, learning and growing at each new stage of the business.  Releasing ManifestHer, the book, has allowed us to scale our impact to a new level and added fuel to our fire after receiving an outpouring of support from best selling authors Kim Scott (Radical Candor), Amber Rae (Choose Wonder Over Worry) and Lori Harder (A Tribe Called Bliss) and the likes thereof calling it “The Self-Love Book of 2020, period.”  And I trust that the upcoming launch of our re-imagined eight week virtual program, Practical Manifestation School will bring us to even greater heights as we continue to impact and serve our current and future customers.  I am constantly asking my team “Are you smarter than you were yesterday?  Are we better than we were last week?  Are we helping more people this month than we were last month?” They keep me on my toes and encourage me to pull from my experiences at Narrative Science to move the Manifest business forward.

While most would expect their employer would encourage them to keep their work and side-hustle separate or maybe even punish them for stepping out and spending time on work that doesn’t directly contribute to the bottom line, Narrative Science has encouraged me to integrate these worlds and apply my learnings from Manifest to my work at Narrative Science and vice-versa.  

The result? My business acumen is stronger.  My ideas are more impactful.  I’m more innovative in my work.  I am more customer-centric in my business dealings.  I’m more confident, more humble and more appreciative than ever to work for a company whose mission motivates me and a leadership team who truly cares about their people.  I’ve never before been more passionate about the problem we solve, the customers we are solving it for and the team that’s putting in the work to turn the Narrative Science dream into reality: to empower everyone to use data to make better decisions and drive better outcomes.

Two years ago, I never would have believed that I would be sitting here writing this blog and yet here I am.  So here’s the best advice I can give to anyone anywhere reading this blog series (way to go, btw, I’m so grateful you decided to read this whole series and I’d love to hear your thoughts!):

“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford.

If you believe you can find a company to work for whose mission motivates you, whose products you know solve big problems and who has a leadership team that truly cares about their people, you will find one. 

If you believe you can pursue your biggest dreams without quitting your day job, fleeing the country for a millennial sabbatical, or completely and utterly burning out, you will pursue those dreams and you will turn them into your reality on your own terms.

If you believe you can, you’re right.