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Blog Smarter, More Focused Stories from Quill

This month, we’re excited to introduce more flexible and dynamic custom content to make your insights mimic the deep analysis of an analyst. We did this by adding new parameters, as well as eight, advanced (and highly requested!) functions.

If you’re new to Quill’s custom content features, you can now craft insights alongside our out-of-the-box stories using data from your Tableau dashboard. It starts by typing any insight that the user would want to know – for example, “The biggest driver of technology sales is x”. Then you can insert the value of ‘x’ using our MaxLabel function, which will make it dynamic for any story.

We also recently added ‘tests’ or ‘conditions’ to our custom content, so you can determine when it is relevant to print something (ex. Only print if z-score is less than ‘x value’).

We hope you enjoy these new features – jump in and give them a try.

Expanded parameters for more specific analysis

With our new filter parameter, you can select which dimension value you want to analyze. If our dimension is ‘category’, we can identify the max value of ‘technology’, giving you a more focused analysis.

New functions added to our analytics library

Now you can create a wide variety of new insights with an additional eight functions including z-score, difference from mean, difference, percent difference, sum (two values), sum of more than two values, largest positive absolute change and largest negative absolute change.
You can add these calculations directly to your custom insights, or you can add these within our conditional logic feature to specify when an insight should print.