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Blog Quill for Tableau: New Capabilities to Format Numbers How You’d Like

Many of us have standards for how we’d like our reporting to look — the tone used, numbers shown, style of report — especially if you’re an analyst and presenting to a stakeholder. 

Most of the time, the values that are fed in from your data set are not formatted the way you’d like for an external report. 

That’s why we introduced new formatting options for your Quill stories that can be found under the ‘characterizations’ tab in the settings modal:

  • Large value suffix: Decide how large numbers (e.g. millions, billions, trillions) are formatted since, oftentimes, it reads better to write 2,900,000 as 2.9 million.
  • Decimal places: Choose how many decimal places to round to, or to keep it at “dynamic”, which is the default option and rounds to different decimal places depending on how large or small the number is.
  • Negative values: Choose to show negative values with either negative/minus symbol or parentheses.
  • Spell out integers: Integers 10 and under can be spelled out as a standard writing style.

You can find out more on our support site.