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Blog New from Quill for Tableau: Apply Context for Dynamic Quill Stories

Our releases lately have been focused on improving our custom language features in Quill for Tableau. We added functions that let you pull in data-driven content, conditional logic for more dynamic stories, and the ability to copy content within a section and across sections for a faster building experience. What’s next?

You can now add context, which is a new function that allows you to reference other functions within a custom sentence, making your stories smarter, more dynamic and unlocking so many new uses. 

Before you could write things like “The highest performing category was Technology with a sales of $500.” Now you can also find out the region that is driving the most sales within Technology, or “The highest performing category was Technology with a sales of $500, which was driven the most by the West region.”

The new ‘set context’ button within the dropdown menu lets you reference the highest performing category when it comes to sales (Technology) and then find the region (West) with the top sales within that category. 

Applying context is going to be your new best friend when it comes to writing Quill stories – we hope you enjoy and reach out with any questions or feedback. 

To learn more about how to use it, visit our support site