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Blog Partnering With Sofar Sounds To Host Concert At Our Chicago HQ

On Wednesday, April 10th, Narrative Science teamed up with Sofar Sounds to host an intimate concert at the Narrative Science Chicago HQ. The evening consisted of three acts from different artists each looking to perform some of their new music and build some awareness to their band. Good vibes all around.

What is Sofar Sounds?

Sofar Sounds is a volunteer-based organization that facilitates intimate concerts in homes and businesses in over 300 cities worldwide. Sofar serves as a platform for rising musicians to share their art with people who really care about music.

Unlike typical concerts, Sofar shows are low-key events where talking and being on your phone during sets is discouraged. These shows are a chance for people to come together, be present, and focus on what matters: the music. Each show usually has 3 acts that play “unplugged” acoustic sets and is curated to provide a variety of music ranging from folk to hip-hop.

Image by Stu Kendall

Narrative Science’s Chicago HQ

Back in the spring of 2018, Narrative Science took a major step forward in its growth journey by moving into its brand new Chicago HQ office. In an interview with our CEO, Stuart Frankel, on the new office, Stuart said:

“As we have more clarity of how we will take advantage of the market opportunity in front of us, we are able to do real planning for the future, not just planning for the next few months or quarters. We look at: what do we need to do today to inform and impact where we want to be in 3 years? Some people think this is a luxury—I think it’s a necessity. Our new office is a metaphor for the future: it’s big, open, and flexible, but there’s also a permanency factor to it.”

We’re proud of our beautiful, Chicago home and welcome opportunities to partner with other organizations in the area.

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