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Blog Quill: New Levels of Interactivity

As we approach the end of the year, we’re thrilled to release the following features in Quill:

Text Filtering in Tableau

Just in time for #TC19, our Tableau extension now features the ability to filter visualizations by clicking directly into the story. This gives users a whole new level of interactivity as they explore their data and generate insights in plain-English.



Edit the Number of Drill Down Sections in Tableau and API

This feature enables users to customize the number of drill down sections within a story, allowing for customization of lists beyond just the top or bottom three values.

More Customization in Microsoft Power BI

As of this week, users of Quill within Power BI will be able to remove and reorder content, add a custom header and footer, copy content to the clipboard, and order dimensions in reverse chronological order. These updates empower builders to further customize stories to meet the needs of business users while maintaining a simple workflow through the narrative modals.

For further details, check out our video!

(Power BI is covered first, Tableau features start at 2:40. Enjoy!)

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Quill for Tableau

Quill for Qlik

Quill for PowerBI

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