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Blog Natural Language for Every Dashboard

Organizations like yours have widely adopted modern business intelligence (BI) tools to help visualize their data.  The purpose and goal of these platforms are to help make sense of raw data and to put it into a format that non-technical users can quickly interpret and easily understand.

With the success of BI and data visualizations tools such as Tableau, Qlik, and others, enterprise organizations are that much closer to achieving the goal of making data-driven decisions.  However, the analytics teams who are tasked with deploying these systems still face challenges.

Analysts spend their valuable time on administrative tasks, instead of actual data discovery:

  • They are either explaining insights to executives, line of business leaders, and other non-technical users, who need help gleaning key insights;
  • Or, they are manually writing summaries in slides or clarifying in emails;
  • Or, they are building dashboards and making edits to existing visualizations, but then few people actually utilize them.

This can lead to all groups being dissatisfied and organization’s overall productivity struggling.

For these reasons, our goal at Narrative Science is to bring Natural Language to every one of your dashboards.  Our plain-English stories provide the “so-what” in your data to help users make better decisions.

If you have hundreds of dashboards that instantly need stories at scale, we have built out-of-the-box extensions with leading platforms.  These integrations are pre-configured with powerful analytical capabilities that highlight the most relevant insights in your data. Our extensions allow for light configurations to make them impactful.  The goal is to receive the first cut of information quickly and easily to share with dashboard viewers.

In situations where you require very specific language, need to target a key audience, or need a customized report at scheduled intervals; we can generate a custom story in your dashboard.  In these instances, where context is more important than quantity, we can deploy a custom application that focuses on the logic, word choice, and tone. For these use cases, we ensure we fully understand your needs and goals to write the story.

Quill is an intelligent automation platform that helps your organization with finance and compliance reporting, as well as, with BI and analytics.  Regardless of the unique needs of your business, our approach allows you to save time, improve processes, and accelerate insights. You can be confident that users will maximize their understanding of relevant data, allowing them to act quickly so your business can thrive.

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