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Blog Narrative Science signs agreement to be acquired by Salesforce

Our journey at Narrative Science started a decade ago with a simple mission: to help everyone understand and act on data through the power of data storytelling. Our mission has never been more relevant than it is today. Since our inception, we have been pushing and pulling the analytics industry toward our vision of the future by reimagining the experience for people who need insights, not just data. 

Over the last few years, our goal has been to expand the power and reach of our technology, delivered with the business user in mind. To that end, I am pleased to announce that Narrative Science has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Salesforce. Upon the close of this transaction, we will become part of the Tableau team within Salesforce. 

Tableau, a Salesforce company, helps people see and understand data. As the world’s leading analytics platform, Tableau offers visual analytics with powerful AI, data management, and collaboration. From individuals to organizations of all sizes, customers around the world love using Tableau’s advanced analytics to fuel impactful, data-driven decisions. 

Bringing Narrative Science’s automated data storytelling capabilities to Tableau’s powerful analytics platform will redefine the future of data and analytics. Translating data analysis into human language will help bridge the data literacy gap and make data and information accessible to more people no matter what tools they currently use. Narrative Science has been a partner of Tableau for several years and we are thrilled to deepen that collaboration to help Tableau expand its offerings in a variety of mediums including language-centric mediums like Slack. This combination will help us reach millions more people who are underserved with data, and will help them be successful in the digital-first world. For our customers who have a shared vision, this acquisition will accelerate our belief that the future of interacting with data is about empowering everyone through a reimagined experience.

Why now? By integrating our capabilities and innovations into the Tableau platform and joining the Salesforce family, we are much closer to our dream of empowering everyone to understand and act on data in ways that were never possible before.

We’ll have more exciting news to share when the acquisition closes. For now, nothing is changing and it’s business as usual. After the transaction closes, we will share more about the product roadmap and what it means for Narrative Science and Tableau.

Update: The Salesforce acquisition of Narrative Science has closed! Please check out the Tableau Blog for more details on what this means for the future of analytics.

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