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In 2021, it’s no secret the critical role data plays in any organization. However, that doesn’t stop 70% of business employees ignoring their analytics software. In 2021, B2B software can’t rely solely on robust capabilities and top-down roll-outs. They must bring the energy, proactivity, simplicity, and relevance often found in AI & B2C tech.

Earlier this year, we introduced the start of the Daily Data Brief, a personalized rundown that proactively surface answers to the biggest questions that business people have about their data every day. Today, we’re bringing in the best of machine learning to make these insights a whole lot smarter in several ways:

1. Unlike dashboards, Lexio won’t just tell you ‘what happened’ but the ‘so-what’

Lexio’s newsfeed will use predictive analysis and machine learning to answer the questions business users care about most:

  • What’s getting significantly ‘better’ or ‘worse’ – and why?
  • Am I on track to hit my goals?
  • Where am I expected to be at the end of the period?

And unlike other BI tools, Lexio’s superpower of data-storytelling will empower any employee to:

  • Only get pulled in when there is something notable they need to pay attention to
  • Be told the ‘story’ – in a way that automatically handles the analytical know-how (seasonality, cyclicality, and statistical significance).

…so you can focus on hitting your numbers.

2. Lexio will ensure your data brief is even more relevant and personalized

It’s no fun reviewing performance of metrics that haven’t moved or that aren’t critical to your day job. With Lexio’s new personalization, we strive to find the 5 top items you need to know by following consumer app best practice:

  • Learning from your goals and what team you are on
  • Bubbling up the stories others on your team are talking about
  • Getting smarter from every click you or others like you take

3. Finally, in early 2022, Lexio will bubble up the ‘hard-to-get’ analysis you can’t get anywhere else.

We believe Lexio should tell you everything you need to know to drive your business. And while I’m sure you’ve heard “business is all about relationships” — Lexio believes “the future of business is all about those ontological relationships”.

Let me show you some examples:

  • Need to know updates and weak-points in your customer funnel across data-sources? There’s a story for that.
  • Looking at an overview across teams and regions – and how they relate? There’s a story for that, too.
  • Or simply want an alert every time you close a deal? Yup, you guessed it, Lexio has this covered as well.

And with each new data-driven insight added, Lexio’s personalization engine will help prioritize the right insight, at the right time so you can focus on what will move the needle without getting lost in the noise. Just like your favorite news App.

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