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Blog January Release: Lexio tracks your 2021 goals and surfaces key insights to you

Just in time for the new year, we released a few new exciting features – the theme is making it easy for you to determine how you measure against your goals and proactively serving you the insights that need your attention. See below for what’s new: 

Track your top metric performance by adding goals to Lexio 

As we move into a new year, goals are top of mind for us. Companies spend a lot of time setting goals, but why is it so difficult to instantly understand how you’re tracking and what is driving that?

Most tools require interpretation and manual effort in order to determine performance, which likely means this isn’t done often or it is taking a lot of someone’s time. 

Starting this year, we’re giving Lexio the context it needs by enabling you to add your company goals into Lexio, so you can see how your success metrics are tracking towards your targets whenever you’d like.  

How can I get started? Talk with your Lexio Admin or to upload your company goals for 2021! Note, we’ll be rolling different goal types throughout 2021, but currently will support goals for all the Lexio stories/KPIs you have today.

Find out what is notable in your data 

Your KPIs are always changing – but knowing what needs your attention can be hard – if something is normal, surprising or if you should act on it now.  

Now, every day when you log into Lexio’s Your Summary page within your Newsfeed, you’ll see a personalized briefing of relevant changes in your data that you need to be paying attention to.

So, how does Lexio know what’s important for you?

It analyzes all of your metrics and determines what is outside the usual range and what is the most important to act on. 

Soon it will also take into account the goals that you set in Lexio and how you’re tracking against them.

Questions or feedback? Access our help widget at the bottom right corner of Lexio or contact us at