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Blog Lexio's Daily Data Brief | Personalized Insights Delivered to Your Inbox

A summary of your most important business metrics that you need to know to be successful today

What if you could have all of your business questions answered, and delivered to your inbox each morning?

Drawing inspiration from how people consume relevant information today, we looked at popular newsletters, newspaper article aggregators, and even the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) to create Lexio’s Daily Data Briefs, personalized emails about your business data that are delivered to Lexio users every morning.

Unlike traditional news-based emails, Lexio’s Daily Data Briefs are personalized for every user, based on the data they care about and interact with on a daily basis. Before, personalized data briefs were done manually by analysts and reserved for senior executive teams. Now, Lexio writes these briefs automatically, giving every single employee, regardless of department or title, specific, actionable, and consumable data insights each morning.

Daily Data Briefs aim to proactively surface answers to the biggest questions that business people have about their data every day. The briefs include ‘Pinned Metrics’, a quick, at-a-glance short blurb on how they are tracking to their goals, and ‘Notable Insights’, utilizing proactive outlier and driver analysis to automatically surface and write about bright spots and red flags in the data. Daily Data Briefs are intended to bring data insights directly to users without them having to interpret dashboards or search for answers to a specific question.

“When we decided to build Lexio, we knew that we had to reimagine the end-to-end analytics experience for business users,” said Narrative Science CEO and co-founder, Stuart Frankel. “We couldn’t just give business users more data discovery tools or more dashboards which are too hard to use and are not what users are asking for. Lexio’s Daily Data Briefs tackles these issues head-on, delivering every user a simple and personalized written brief that will equip them with the relevant information they need to do their jobs every single morning.”

From the Daily Data Briefs, users can click into Lexio and read more in-depth data stories with more information about specific parts of the data brief. It does not require users to have knowledge of the underlying data to use or understand the briefs, allowing analytics teams to get data insights to more users without additional technology or data literacy training. In addition, users do not need to have access to the data or the tool the data resides in, allowing for much wider – and much more understandable – distribution of data insights than ever before.

“Time spent in predefined dashboards will be displaced by automated, conversational, mobile and dynamically generated insights that are customized to a user’s context and delivered to their point of consumption, in dynamic, autogenerated and personalized data stories and embedded in applications,” per Gartner in their recent report Top Trends in Data and Analytics 2021.