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At Narrative Science, we are focused on attracting and retaining great talent. This year, the Talent and Marketing team worked together to create and implement our Employer Branding strategy.  As an organization, we have always showcased our culture but we never put together a formal strategy, let alone conducted research to understand if we’re sharing the right story. Having a strong Employer Brand is important for a few reasons. Internally, it ensures everyone is aligned and connected to the company’s mission.  Externally, it brings awareness to Narrative Science.

To develop our strategy, we conducted a vast amount of research and held many employer branding “riff” sessions.  We took a deep dive into our employee engagement surveys, company virtues and attributes, and conducted new surveys to better understand our employee’s perspectives and gather feedback.  We synthesized this information to create our Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  An EVP is a statement of who we are as a company and what we can offer prospective and current employees.

Drum roll, please…our EVP…

Our core philosophy is letting people be people. By letting our people be themselves, we are a more driven, innovative, collaborative, and passionate organization. We are a company that is changing how the world interacts with data and building products that empower other companies to let their people be people, too.

The Let Your People Be People phrase is no stranger to Narrative Science.  We first used Let Your People Be People, last year when two Narrative Scientists wrote a book on this sentiment. Through numerous meetings and the months of conversations, we constantly came back to this phrase. This EVP excites me because the “let your people be people” statement showcases our team’s virtues and what we all love about Narrative Science, which is the people and the innovative technology we’re creating.

Moving forward, you’ll start to see more of our people doing what they love, creating and supporting our technology, and fulfilling their personal passions. We’ll be sharing a lot about us, but we’ll want to hear from you too! Our goal is to share a clear picture of our lives and the technology we create, how we operate as a team, and as individuals and most importantly, how we let our people be people. 

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