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Blog Introducing a refreshed Lexio: here's what's new

We released a new version of Lexio to make it even easier to discover and make decisions based on data – find what you need to know next with our augmented data-discovery experience, pin your top three metrics to your personalized newsfeed, and write about more of your business data with the ability to connect to databases, SaaS tools, BI tools, and more.

Augmented Data Discovery Experience

Lexio’s new augmented data-discovery experience helps you find the answers to your questions easier than ever before and also anticipates others.

The new story page has three parts to guide you to what you need to know: 

  1. Your discovery experience starts at the main story content – which is more digestible and easier to pull the key takeaways from 
  2. Lexio then guides you to your related stories – it serves up ‘what to read next’ stories on the right hand side, carefully selected by Lexio that build on the observations made in the main story 
  3. From there, you can easily preview one of the new stories with the ‘more’ button, or open a full story with ‘explore’, which will add this to your navigation bar alongside the previous story and creates a series of story tabs to keep track of your data discovery path. From this new story, you will have new ‘what to read next’ stories to choose from and continue your journey.

Watch this video to learn more.

Or visit our support site to learn how it works. 

Personalized Newsfeed with Pinned Metrics

We made our newsfeed page more personalized by allowing you to customize with the insights that you care most about. 

You or your admin can pin your three most cared about metrics at the top, customizing your feed with the most actionable and relevant metrics at a glance. From there, you can dig deeper by clicking explore, which will take you to your story page. 

There is more to come – soon Lexio will call out notable insights based on your data and tailor your newsfeed cards to your Pinned Metrics.

Write about all of your metrics

Connect your most important KPIs, whether the data lives in a data warehouse, database, SaaS tool, or even a BI platform.

As always, we’re here if you have any feedback or questions – you can either access our help widget at the bottom right corner of Lexio or contact us on our support site.