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Blog How to be a Customer-Obsessed Product Marketer

In this session from Camp Revenue, you’ll hear from Jennifer Davis, Head of Product Marketing at Amazon Web Services.

In this session, you will learn how Amazon uses the Working Backwards mechanism to innovate and approaches to measure the effectiveness of exceptional product marketing to your overall return on marketing investments.

Key insights from this session:

At this point many people have heard of the unconventional way meetings are started at Amazon: no powerpoints, no speaking, just 15 minutes of silent reading. Then discussion can begin on what was just read.

What are they reading?

They are reading a document called a PR FAQ. That stands for “Press Release Frequently Asked Questions.” It is a document that everyone at Amazon has to write when beginning a project that outlines what the project will do for the customer.

This is a key part of Amazon’s initiative to be customer focused at all times. The document only focuses on the value to the customer and the experience the customer should have when interacting with the product or service when it is launched.

Jennifer purports that this process creates amazing results for individuals at all stages of the process at Amazon and truly does help keep the customer at the top of mind. Listen to this session to hear more about the components of the document and how it gets used.

Watch the full session here.

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