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Blog Giving Back with Data Storytelling for Good

I’ve worked at Narrative Science since right around the company’s founding in 2010. I’ve loved the challenges of building innovative technology and have tremendous respect and admiration for my colleagues and our leadership. But one of the things I’ve always admired about our company and its people is our commitment to being good citizens. As a company, we’ve gone into underserved schools and talked about how to pursue careers in technology, taken part in food and coat drives, put mulch down at Chicago parks, and many other things I can’t remember. 


In addition, our employees across all departments are tremendously active in various causes outside of the office and on several occasions, have used our office to host events. It’s really inspiring.


The way we keep the lights on is by selling products that help people understand their business in order to make better decisions. Companies are collecting and storing more data than ever before and we believe data storytelling is a vital component in the process of making data and analytics actionable, especially for non-analysts and non-data scientists.


Another way that Narrative Science tries to give back to the community is through our technology, products and expertise. We call this initiative Data Storytelling for Good. We believe that the problems described above, which we observe in commercial enterprises, also exist in non-profits and charities. Organizations that are working to improve communities or champion social causes, are trying to be more data driven and utilize data tools. However, the more time spent trying to get a handle on the data the less time is spent actually advancing the mission.


This is a place where Narrative Science believes it can make a difference. Part of Data Storytelling for Good is providing grants of our products to qualified non-profits and charities. We believe Data Storytelling can not only provide  better business outcomes in the commercial setting, but produce better societal outcomes such as empowering educators, promoting the arts or helping rescue animals (to name a few). 


I’ve done a lot of cool things at Narrative Science, but I’ve gotten some of the most enjoyment out of working with organizations such as Teachers Supporting Teachers, Minnesota Opera and Colorado Horse Rescue. Seeing these organizations use our products to help make their data actionable feels great. I know it’s just scratching the surface of what Narrative Science and Data Storytelling can do to make the world a better place.


If you’re interested in learning more about this initiative, check out our Data Storytelling for Good page or reach out to me directly at

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