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Blog A Five Stage Roadmap for Implementing AI in your Marketing Toolkit

In this session from Camp Revenue, you’ll hear from Jim Lecinski,
Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing at Northwestern.

He’ll help you discover the benefits of implementing AI as a part of your marketing toolkit.

Key insights from this session:

Let’s talk about ROI. Not return on investment but the “risk of ignoring.” When it comes to adopting AI into your marketing tool belt, the risk of ignoring is incredibly high. While it may not be entirely commonplace now, in a short amount of time AI use in marketing will be the norm, not an advantage.

Getting in on the ground floor here means a chance to work on bugs early and be on the forefront of new ways to use AI and new technologies. There is no tried and tested strategy or plan for the adoption of AI into a marketing plan. It requires a lot of trial and error, which is why early adoption is key. There is still time to be an early adopter.

Jim has developed his own framework for implementing AI in marketing called the “AI marketing canvas”. In this session he speaks about the framework, how it can help navigate the trial and error of the adoption process and gives powerful examples of companies who have done it right.

His canvas is based on three AI maturity levels:

  • Foundation
  • Experimentation
  • Expansion
  • Transformation
  • Modernization

Watch the full session here.

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