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Blog Digesting Dreamforce

3 things we learned during our first Salesforce conference

Dreamforce was a whirlwind. Did it last four days, four weeks or four hours? We aren’t sure, but our notes say four days. We learned so much during this conference: about Salesforce, about our community, and about our team. We condensed what we discovered as much as we could and came up with the top three things we learned at Dreamforce 2019.


To say we learned a lot about Salesforce is both a given and understatement. We heard about how they work as a technology, how they run as people, and what they run for. One of the most interesting things Salesforce shared was how they are accomplishing their merger with Tableau. Marc Benioff and Adam Selipsky discussed melding the cultures of the two companies and how integral that is for a smooth merger. We loved hearing from two tech giants that they have people at the forefront of their minds and plans.

Our community

Speaking of people… It was amazing to see our friends and co-founders of Merivis, Hector and Kate Perez, spend so much time in the spotlight. Since we’re first-timers to the event, we don’t need to tell you how much Salesforce does for others. That’s why it’s been such a great fit to partner with Merivis and help prepare veterans for a career with Salesforce technology. We believe data storytelling is so much more about the people than the tech. To date, we have pledged $10,000 to the foundation and are committed to much more through future activities. Spoiler alert: if you sign-up for a free trial at the end of this blog, we’ll make an additional donation to Merivis.

We spent nearly the whole conference talking to people in the tech innovator community. It was one of our favorite parts of the event honestly. We learned about their pains, their successes and what they are wishing for at work. To boil it down, people know the way they work and the tools they use are less efficient than they could be. They are not sure how to get where they want to be, that’s why they were at Dreamforce.

Most importantly though, people are no longer satisfied with working at their desk every day. They want their data and their work to be able to move with them, whether it’s to a coffee shop, an out-of-town conference, or on the train in the morning. The future of work is adaptable and people are ready for that now.

Our team

Our team loves to talk! Who would’ve guessed it? Our plan going into Dreamforce was for our team to ask as many questions as they could and have meaningful conversations with anyone who walked into our booth. If you stopped by, you may have been surprised by this low-pressure approach. Start with our name, your name, and ask them what kind of problems they are trying to solve. Our team loved this approach so much it has us rethinking our sales process altogether.

Our team has fun together – professionally and personally. Everyone at Narrative Science knows that, but some of your picked up on it too. We sent people from across all of our teams to Dreamforce and they came back knowing a little bit more about how we operate as a company and how interdependent we all are on each other. We are closer, smarter, and a more cohesive team without a doubt. I think Stu and Anna’s post-event fro-yo’s prove it:

So, where do we go from here?

Despite returning to Chicago to official winter weather (I never can quite get used to a transition from upper 60s and sun, to “feel’s like 24” with the wind), we’re excited to keep up the momentum.

What do these three themes above have in common? People. It’s the core of who we are and what we do, from our partnerships to our products. That’s why we’re looking forward to future engagement with you and your team.