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Blog Data Storytelling with Spotify Data

At Narrative Science, we build data storytelling technology and our product Lexio takes data and turns it into an immersive narrative experience. Typical demonstrations aim to show business users how data storytelling can help them make better decisions from data. However, we are always on the lookout for fun and interesting ways to showcase our technology and products. 

A few weeks ago, Brendan Gimby, one of our Lexio developers, came across Spotify Wrapped 2020, a cool presentation of music highlights that Spotify creates every year. He noticed that Spotify provided a tool to download your streaming history for the last 12 months. By default, what you get is pretty minimal—artist name, track name, stream date and time spent listening—but there is also an API to map from each track to other audio features, including key and tempo. Spotify also provides data points like ‘loudness’, ‘energy’ and ‘danceability’, to name a few.

Brendan wrote a script to join together all the track data with the streaming history, but the result was actually the exact same problem we try to help businesses solve in our day jobs. The dataset had a ton going on and we weren’t sure of the best way to make sense of it. This is where Lexio came in. Brendan asked folks at Narrative Science to get their streaming history so we could bring all of that data together in Lexio. We were all really excited about the results so we wanted to share it outside of our walls.

We’ve added several data stories to our public demo including stories about our team’s Spotify minutes streamed and # of tracks listened to this year. In these stories, you can quickly and easily see which of our teammates is listening to the most music and what artists are the most popular. Lexio stories let you drill in and explore the data. We’ve enjoyed playing with this application of our technology and we hope you do as well.

See Spotify Stories in Lexio:

Total Minutes Streamed Story

Number of Tracks Story

Brendan’s Minutes Streamed Story