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Blog 60+ Data Changemakers to Know

A list of leaders in the data & analytics community who are pushing new and innovative ideas forward.

Everyone wants to make an impact but what does it mean to be someone that does that?

To us, it’s all about being someone that makes things happen. Someone that believes in a better way and moves toward that vision. Someone that creates change.

And we asked our community to send us the data change-makers in their lives. These people are leaders in the data and analytics space that are pushing new and innovative ideas forward.

We are excited to be creating change through data here at Narrative Science but want to share the other people that believe in this mission too.

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1. John O’Gorman, Principal and Founder at Quantum Semantics

Why? John is using a ‘language first’ approach to all things data. His protocol – called Q6 – is technology agnostic, language neutral, and domain independent. It covers the entire landscape of information management, from vocabulary to facts to stories and semantic interoperability to business intelligence and analytics.

2. Omri Kohl, Co-founder + CEO of Pyramid Analytics

Why? Omri is the pioneer of the Trusted Data concept.

3. Samantha Shain, Database Administrator at William Penn Foundation

Why? Samanth recently created a research series on data and tech changemakers from the civil right movement. 

4. Louis de Roo, Data Strategy Leader at E-mergo

Why? In his role as Data Strategy Leader at E-mergo, Louis is continuously driving the application of data towards the human interaction with it. In the abundance of data available, he helps clients find the data that speaks to them rather than simply providing them with another report. 

5. Milan McGraw, Founder at

Why? From humble beginnings as a US Marine, to Data Scientist and Partner Leader at Groupon and Amazon, Milan continues to learn by inspiring others to do the same. Milan is a current student in the MSAI program at Northwestern and continues to add value to his peers and business community by bridging the gap between business functions and data.

6. Susan Walsh, Founder of The Classification Guru

Why? Susan is a “fixer of dirty data” and the creator of COAT. She has a strong presence on LinkedIn where she posts fun and relatable animated videos. She strives to pave the way for women entering the data & analytics industry. 

7. Gulsen Guler, Information Platform Lead at Civic Software Foundation

Why? Gulsen combines her social worker identity with her experience as a data literacy consultant to reclaim data literacy from corporate ideologies and advocates for it as a concept to highlight data injustices.

8. Rob Murray, IBM iX Global Experience Management Lead

Why? Rob helps clients get to better insights through qualitative and subjective data. He helps reframe what data is and how to continuously collect it and make it useful.

9. Lindsi Glass, Associate Vice President, Digital Strategy and Analytics at Utah State University

Why? Prior to Jan 2020, the University did not have an individual whose focus was on digital marketing and analytics. Lindsi was hired to utilize analytics and other digital insights to help the University make decisions about elevating brand awareness and recruitment efforts.

10. Jeff Hook, Founder & CEO at Communitas Technologies

Why? Jeff is passionately trying to help digitally transform the church industry (which is experiencing digital disruption) through providing thought leadership around data strategies, data audits, data collection strategies. He helps show faith-based organizations how they can leverage data to make data-informed and spirit-lead decisions, while also helping individuals move further down their spiritual journeys.

11. Cyndi Beltran, Data Analytics Marketing Manager at J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc

Why? Cyndi has implemented thoughtful data-driven strategies at J.B. Hunt Transport Services and has guided the business towards seeing the value of a data-centric path towards acceleration and adaption. 

12. Sara McNamara, Solution Architect, Marketing Technology at Slack

Why? Sara is known for building game-changing data-centric architectures and is known as a leading revenue operations architect in the marketing operations community, currently as solutions architect of both B2B and B2B marketing technology at Slack.

13. Andy Caron, Head of Martech Consulting at Revenue Pulse

Why? Andy is known not only for building deeply powerful and insightful attribution models for her clients, she also generously shares her knowledge as a regular speaker on system setup for ROI measurement and attribution in marketing technology.

14. Surya Pratap Singh, Global Business Intelligence & Data Strategy at HSBC

Why? Surya democratizes data & analytics for business colleagues to help HSBC utilize data to make better decisions. 

15. Talin Koutnouyan, VP, Research & Analytics at Influential

Why? Talin uses demographic, behavioral, psychographic, and purchase behavior data to help organizations identify strategic insights, emerging trends, new markets they should enter, and roadmaps for acquiring and retaining high lifetime-value consumers.

16. Matt Butler, Co-Founder at Bonsai Data Solutions, LLC

Why? Matt is thought leader in the digital marketing space, and has developed a novel solution to understanding complex attribution problems.

17. Jessica Herbert, Founder and CEO at IDEA Analytics

Why? Starting with humans, Jessica works with innovative government leaders, nonprofits, and policy advisors to break down the institutional barriers on data sharing and usage, address equity in data processes and management for government and social services, and educate the next generation of government/policy advisors.

18. Sarah Schwab, Founder and CEO at The Experience Accelerator 

Why? Sarah codifies great leadership behaviours using human coaches and machine learning and generating large scale data sets to determine what sub-behaviours matter more when leading and engaging others.

19. Kathleen Muir, CEO and Founder at The Muir Network

Why? Kathleen helps smaller investment managers enjoy the benefits of seasoned experience in creating high-quality materials that help tell their story, engage key stakeholders and achieve their goals. 

20. Bill Lederer, Chairman and CEO at iSOCRATES LLC

Why? Bill is revolutionizing how media companies manage their subscriptions/ad revenues via data visualizations, dashboards, scorecards, and alerts.

21. Matthew Bernath, Head of Data Analytics at Rand Merchant Bank 

Why? Matthew leads data analytics strategy at one of Africa’s largest investment banks, and runs data science meetup groups (including the Johannesburg Data Science meetup group) in order to foster community. He often presents at conferences on analytics, ethics in AI and the future of data science in finance.

22. Robert ‘Wojo” Wojciechowski, VP of Software Engineering at OncoLens

Why? Wojo references data everyday to improve OncoLens, and as a result, improve the care of Oncology patients around the globe. 

23. Dr. Aditi Srivastav, Director of Research at Children’s Trust of South Carolina

Why? Aditi is a leader in South Carolina public health, helping organizations and state leaders use data for action and making data meaningful across sectors. She is a trusted voice in the prevention community and her work has given a public platform to using data for change in our state. Her research has provided the foundation for new models of community coalition work and social norms communication designed to promote and normalize help-seeking behaviors in parents.

24. Sunita Menon, Global Data Executive, Freelance

Why? Sunita connects data and technology with people, process and purpose to drive strategic and global change through data products and services for customer-centric growth engines. She is a thought leader and teacher — consistently sharing knowledge and insight for future generations of data changemakers. 

25. Jared Nunes, Executive Director of Informatics & Analytics at MemorialCare

Why? As a data leader who started his role as Executive Director of Informatics & Analytics at MemorialCare during the pandemic, Jared Nunes knows a thing or two about building a data strategy that grants trust in healthcare. After gaining clinical experience working in the health system and running his own construction business, Jared joined a healthcare data recording company where he taught himself the technology to shift the company fully online. Over the course of his career, he learned to be nimble — to stay off the bleeding edge but on the cutting edge, as he puts it.

26. Leslie Squires Gimple, Senior Manager, Reporting and Analytics at Rackspace

Why? Having been with Rackspace for about 13 years now, Leslie has risen through the ranks and is currently leading the software developers, BI developers, as well as visual analysts. She is an expert in the democratization of data and knows a thing or two about using data storytelling to build relationships and make a strategic impact.

27. Kimberly Herrington, Data Journalist and Creator of #BuffaloBusinessIntelligence

Why? Kimberly has a wealth of experience getting hands-on with data in the health world, and is excited to find stories in numbers. She stays on top of health analytics trends to create clever data stories and content that bring value to the organization. She is a mentor to many in the analytics space as the leader and creator of the Buffalo Business Intelligence group and an expert in creating the career of your dreams.

28. Alexander Soria, Vice President of Data & Analytics at Mindbody

Why?  Alex has moved up the ladder in his analytics career with a proven track record of strategic impact. Before joining Mindbody, he focused on strategic analysis to help decision-making for future projects, programs, promotions, and executive decisions when working with companies including Zappos, Vancouver Analytics Group, and Elicit. At Mindbody, he has moved into a strategic data-position where his focus shifted from being solely centered on data science to also include data engineers, business intelligence, business analysts, and data governance. This holistic approach has given him a deep appreciation and understanding of the entire data pipeline. 

29. Tim O’Keefe, Head of Data Analytics at Canva

Why? Tim knows a thing or two about hypergrowth as the Head of Data Analytics at Canva. In his experience, culture is the glue that holds things together when you’re growing so fast that every system and process you have breaks in record time. He is both an expert analytics professional and leader who uses careful consideration to build a culture that can’t be broken (even if everything else is). 

30. Guy Levy-Yurista, Chief Strategy Officer at Sisense

Why? Guy might just be the most interesting man in the world. He’s an executive leader and product and technology expert with over 25 years of experience. He’s been successful in developing and driving strategies to launch and strengthen product portfolios, increase revenue and profit, and improve competitive market positioning. Guy was also one of Israel’s very first sommeliers and editor of the Israeli Wine and Gourmet Magazine for 5 years.  He’s also led 2 startups through liquidity events within 4 years.  And, of course, he is currently Chief Strategy Officer at one of the world’s most innovative and fastest-growing companies, Sisense, which is currently valued at over a billion dollars.

31. Shwetank Kumar, CDO at Freedom Financial Network and Founder of Bayesian

Why? Shwetank knows what it takes to show leadership the impact of the analytics team’s work on the business. As someone with a background in research and testing, his background in academia directly impacts as CDO at Freedom Financial and in past leadership roles at Turo, Hoodline, and Orbital.

32. Zack Mazzoncini, Founder of Data Story Academy and a Co-Founder of Seattle-based data and analytics firm Decisive Data.

Why? Over the years Zack has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals develop data-driven cultures centered around data storytelling. Zack graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in communications, rhetoric, and public speaking. He is considered one of the most entertaining and informative speakers in the analytics industry. His audiences are inspired to find the most important stories in their data and lean into their creativity.

33. Charlie Dunn, Project Storyteller at DPR

Why? Charlie tells a good story. From cash rich development on the Las Vegas strip, to oil fueled expansion in Edmonton, Alberta, to energy plant upgrades throughout the Southeast, he thrives in the challenging delivery gap between “as is” conditions and the “to be” designed state. His career highlights include the on-site project management of over 2.5 million square feet of new distribution space across North America with zero recordable injuries, and WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators) recognition for the use of 4D technology in project delivery. He knows that projects succeed because of people—what they believe, strategy—for creativity and innovation, and tools—to deliver value and drive out waste.

34. Stephen Weis, Executive Vice President of Digital Revenue and Talent Development at the Houston Chronicle

Why? Stephen has held significant leadership roles with several media organizations spearheading the digital transformation of traditional media organizations. As a Digital Media executive with 20 years of experience leading digital content, marketing, and sales teams, he understands and demonstrates the importance of data storytelling to drive revenue in a shifting media landscape.  

35. Kam Lee, Chief Marketing Data Scientist at Finetooth Analytics

Why? Over the course of his 14-year career, Kam Lee has built scalable systems that synthesized complex data into actionable, highly-personalized customer journeys.  By employing marketing intelligence, he powers optimization at scale to discover the best-case scenarios that lead to winning sales opportunities. 

36. Maggie Remynse, Assistant Vice President – Enterprise Data Consultant II at M&T Bank

Why? Maggie trains her entire organization on the power of data storytelling. She is passionate about bringing companies to their next phase with the newest emerging technologies. In her current role at  M&T Bank, she has been a part of many different projects that all have one thing in common: bring people together with data.

37. Juan Riojas, CDO of Rackspace

Why? Juan is responsible for enterprise-wide data strategy, management, and analytics to meet the needs of the business through time to insight. He is an expert in building a rockstar data-team through diversity of thought and a diverse team. Prior to Rackspace, Juan worked for Informatica building their inaugural Data Office and has held various executive leadership roles at Gogo, Dell, and Accenture.

38. Nandu Patil, Sr. Analytics Consultant at CVS Health

Why? Nandu takes a unique approach to analytics – tool agnostic. He recognizes that the tools don’t matter as much as the impact they make. He is an expert in adapting insights to appeal to a wide variety of stakeholders.

39. Matt Lee, Senior Analyst at Apple

Why? Matt is passionate about data, visualization, and storytelling. He understands the importance of interpersonal relationships and how they influence his impact as a data leader. He is currently a Senior Analyst at Apple providing actionable insights through relationships + data.

40. Glen Olson,  Solution Architect and Manager, Application Development – Medical Informatics at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Why? Glen is an experienced IT Manager who specializes in leading high-performing agile software development teams. He currently leads two application development teams and serves as Solution Architect for the Medical Informatics Division at BCBST.

41. Bria Dotson, SVP, Endeavor Analytics

Why? Bria is an experienced senior vice president with a history of working in the entertainment industry. Over the course of her career she has specialized in data-driven research, digital strategy, customer insight, and integrated marketing. 

42. Sai Donthi, Solution Architect, Vice President – Reporting Analytics & Visualization at  Credit Suisse

Why? Sai is not afraid of exploring the cutting edge of technology. While at Credit Suisse he implemented search based analytics using Natural Language Processing and narrative capabilities on Business Intelligence systems using Natural Language Generation. 

43. Andrew Minch, Manager FP&A Reporting and Analysis at Verizon

Why? Andrew is a CPA and holds a Masters in Accounting degree at Auburn University. He brings his background in finance to his passion of harnessing data and stakeholder relationships to drive Verizon to maintain its position as a premier wireless network provider in the United States. 

44. Dane Schmitt, Johnson & Johnson Associate Director, Insight Solutions 

Why? Dane brings the ability to combine business knowledge and information technology expertise to develop innovative solutions.  At Johnson & Johnson, he is known as a subject matter expert within the organization in a variety of areas (e.g. data analysis, system design).

45. Crystal Martinez, Product Owner CAO Data and Analytic Spoke at USAA 

Why? Crystal has been with USAA for 20+ years and has held several roles in Financial, Marketing, Planning & Forecasting and Digital Analytics. She has led several initiatives that have established efficient and effective tools and processes of measuring performance across the organization. She is currently the Product Owner of the Chief Administrative Office (CAO) Data and Analytic Spoke. 

46. Tim Judge,  Vice President, Climate Risk Policy & Analytics at Fannie Mae

Why? Tim’s team is responsible for leading Fannie Mae’s company-wide response to all climate risk-related efforts. This includes investigating and advocating for policy changes to address the risks posed by climate change. He partners with internal modeling and analytics teams, as well as third parties, to dynamically assess the enterprise’s current exposure and future exposure.

47. Greg Snyder, Director of Business Analysis at Publix Super Markets

Why? Greg is an expert in business analytics and retail supply chain and distribution execution. He has a background in finance, application design, strategic measurement, and distribution network strategies and is also a  part-time adjunct professor of Business Analytics at Florida Southern College.

48. Michael Carpenter, Director of Finance – Decision Analytics (Operations) at The Home Depot

Why? Michael currently leads a 20+ Business Intelligence and Data Science associates and has a proven track record of delivering value generating results for the enterprise through a love for the business, entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to rapidly synthesize data and deliver a clear message to senior leadership. 

49. Josh Batz, Chief Technology Officer at Fike Corporation

Why? Josh believes in a better way of getting data into the hands of stakeholders — he is focused on scaling insight and eliminating bias across his organization. Before becoming Chief Technology Officer, Josh Batz worked across the business in production, engineering, business systems, sales and as a member of the board of directors. Josh now oversees all aspects of technology at Fike.

50. Edmund Mackey, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Aptive Environmental 

Why? As a data-driven leader with extensive experience in building commercial infrastructures, Edmund understands the importance of having access to and utlizing data. He has built companies from the ground up, and possesses broad expertise including but not limited to marketing analytics.

51. Subbu Viswanathan, Co-Founder and CEO at Disprz

Why? Subbu is a data-driven, serial entrepreneur who loves translating ideas into products and products into companies. 

52. David Gerry, CRO & Head of Global Operations at White Hat Security 

Why?  As an expert in growth, David understands the importance of using data. He specializing in turning-around, leading, and growing Revenue and Service Delivery engines to drive profitable, double and triple digit bookings growth.Focused on the cybersecurity industry, Dave has held executive roles at dynamic organizations like WhiteHat Security, Sumo Logic, Veracode and The Herjavec Group.

53. Keith Westman, COO at Otus & former educator

Why? Keith has learned a thing or two about the intersection of data, analytics, and education. He began his career as a third grade teacher. From there, he moved into a role as Director of Technology at an elementary school, and was last the principal at a middle school in Morton Grove, IL. His background in education fuels his passion for getting the right data and the right platform in the hands of teachers so that they know how and when to intervene with their students.

54. Jesse Grothous, CEO at Cloud Pathfinder

Why? Jesse is an expert in helping companies digitally transform through Salesforce technologies. As the Founder & CEO of Cloud Pathfinder Consulting, he knows the having the right data means volumes to improving your business.  

55. David Boskovic, CEO and Founder at Flatfile 

Why? In the current era of information, David knows that the world’s most valuable resource is data. His company Flatfile is leading the charge in making all data useful by empowering any organization to access AI-powered data refinement.

56. Charisma Wickham, Lead Business Performance Analyst at Alliant Energy

Why? Charisma is a spreadsheet ninja and data geek with a knack for data mining and visualization. Charisma’s passion for change management, early adoption of technology is evident and shows through her 23 years of experience in the utility industry and her ability to tell stories with data as the keys to success as an analytics leader.

57. Robert Emerson, former VP & Head of Strategic Data Management at BCNC and current strategist at OptumLabs

Why? Robert earned a PhD in neuroscience, but moved into the healthcare industry shortly thereafter, where he served in a variety of different data and analytics leadership roles. He has led teams to develop, optimize, and automate operations staffing models, and developed strategic data maturity plans. These plans include creating comprehensive cloud migration initiatives, developing dashboards to deliver business insights, harnessing predictive models for proactive decision-making, and integrating machine learning to forecast operations supply and demand. 

58. Alex Czurylo, SVP, Group Product Operations at Rakuten Advertising

Why? Alex has 15 years of experience building an innovative analytics practice from a three-person team to a global practice on how to identify and implement cutting edge tech. He is passionate about seeking innovative ways to use data and insights to drive client performance.

59. Christian Vogt, Chief Innovation Officer, Data & Analytics at Cisco 

Why? Christian is responsible for driving the adoption of digital, analytics, and artificial intelligence at Cisco, for accelerating the company’s business model transformation towards subscription software and network-as-a-service, and for incubating and scaling the capabilities needed to accomplish this, both inside his organization and across the company. Prior to Cisco, Christian was Chief Digital Officer at STIHL, where he oversaw the digital transformation of the $4.3-billion power tool maker.

60. Brent Dykes, Sr. Director, Insights & Data Storytelling at Blast Analytics

Why? Brent is the author of Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals. He has more than 15 years of enterprise analytics experience at Omniture, Adobe, and Domo. His passion for data strategy and data storytelling comes from consulting with many industry leaders including Nike, Microsoft, Sony, and Comcast. He is a regular Forbes contributor and has written more than 35 articles on different data-related topics.

61. Brent Silberman, Director of RevOps at Mud City

Why? Full Transparency, Brent used to work at Narrative Science and he is a rock star, to say the least. There’s nothing he can’t do when it comes to Revenue Operations and he tackles it all with a fun attitude. You’ll forever be thankful to have this guy on your team.

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