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Blog Dashboards vs. Data Stories

How to communicate insights from data better than before

Ditch the Dashboard Dance

I am sure you have been there before.

You or your team deliver a dashboard full of interesting insights, maybe you even have a meeting to explain it to them. The point is, you’re trying to get them to use the dashboard instead of asking you or your team one-off questions.

But a couple of days pass, and you get that email or slack you hoped to avoid. The one-off question. Asking about a dashboard. That you probably just explained.

I know this happens because I have done this to my analytics team- more that I’d like to admit. On my end, it just seems easier to ask the data expert to answer these ‘really quick’ questions so I can get back to whatever I was using it for but that’s not the best-case scenario for anyone. The problem lies in the last step of the analytics process.

The consumption layer of analytics

Let me explain what I mean by that. In the whole of analytics today, we have a few layers to the process:

          • Administration
          • Analysis
          • Presentation
          • Collaboration
          • Consumption
Consumption Layer Graphic

The layer that we are getting caught up in is the consumption layer, we haven’t quite figured out how to understand and communicate data efficiently which leads to the data and forth between analytics teams and their stakeholders. This is evidenced by the low adoption rates across the board. Business intelligence tools are capping out at 30% adoption – at best – in even the biggest and most data-savvy companies around the world. Nearly ¾ of employees are not getting the insights in the way that they need it and end up making decisions that are not rooted in data.  The tools in place today take too much time to interpret, require users to know what they are looking for and aren’t adapted to the way we work today.

The Future of Data + Analytics

We thought that there had to be a better way for analytics teams to give business users the data they need, without all the extra communication. So, we built it. Our product, Lexio, was created because we saw a gap in the data that’s collected and how it’s understood and used. Lexio, is a new analytics experience specifically built for business users that don’t log into dashboards today. We’ve created an Apple News experience for your data. It analyzes your data for you, and communicates it to everyone in your company in a way they understand.

And you can try it now.