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Blog [Worksheet] 10 Ways to Know Dashboards Aren't Working

Building a data-driven culture can mean many different things – but tend to fall into one or more of the following strategic initiatives:

  • Re-imagining how you engage with prospects and customers in the digital world.
  • Investments to move your data to the cloud for economic and performance reasons.
  • Commitment to data science to uncover deeper insights into your business.
  • Empowering your front-line workers with the insights to make better business decisions.

No matter the initiative, we have yet to meet a company that claims dashboards aren’t a bottleneck for putting data insights into their employees’ hands.

So, we created a 10-part worksheet to systematically evaluate if your dashboards aren’t working for you. 

You can download the worksheet here.

Read through the 10 scenarios, check the ones that resonate with you, and determine if it’s time to move to a better way.