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Blog Cleanse Your Workflow, Not Your Body

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We finally discovered a cleanse that is actually healthy, and more importantly, sustainable for you and your company. Yes, that is correct, sustainable. We guarantee there is no crash halfway through this cleanse. Our solution is viable and long-lasting, you won’t suddenly realize you hate your new life and revert back.

A typical cleanse will “remove” toxins from the body, mainly by aiding the liver and kidneys. They aim to make you feel healthier and improve your quality of life. Ours aims to do the same, but not in the way you’re used to.

Most cleanses consist of removing things from your diet or including rather unpleasant things in your daily routine. Juices, herbal supplements, tea, and some crazy talk about lemon juice and cayenne pepper are some ways people find helping them detox. Some cleanses even tell you to drink saltwater! As someone who accidentally drank ocean water a time or two, I will have to pass on that one.

And no creepy side effects

This is where the Narrative Science cleanse differs from the cleanses you read about in Cosmo or other magazines. Our cleanse has nothing to do with your diet. We don’t want to physically change you at all. We can change the way you feel every day by removing external toxins from your life.

Think about all the gnarly stuff you do in your day

The Narrative Science cleanse consists of purging unpleasant tasks from your day. By participating in this cleanse, you will feel refreshed, revitalized and your skin will probably be glowing.* 

We remove onerous tasks like writing reports, having status meetings, and trying to interpret dashboards. Without these tasks, you can do things that you actually care about. There are some tasks that artificial intelligence will never be able to handle. Some things are going to remain uniquely human. These are probably the same tasks you want to be doing. Spend your time talking to clients, having brainstorming meetings, being a creative problem solver, and any other task that lights your fire.

Revitalize your soul! Spend your days creating, communicating and crushing it in a way only you can do. 

*No actual data supports data storytelling having epidermal benefits. By now, you hopefully picked up on the tongue in cheek tone. But we had to say it, just in case.

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