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Blog Changing “how it HAS to be” to “how it HAD to be”

Can’t believe I’m allowing this, but ok…

My mom used to work at home.

I don’t mean she worked from home. I mean she would work long hours during the day and when she was home at night she would still have to be doing work. It was “how it had to be.”

Don’t worry, my mom knows I’m not upset. She reads all of these and wanted me to say that. In fact, she is absolutely my personal hero for how hard she works and how much of a badass she is. Working at home was just “how it had to be,” for the world we were living in. She was providing for us. Creating a good, comfortable life for us was her main priority. She always put “us” first, but I was wishing for a way to put “all of us” first.

Is that NOT how it has to be?

Even from a young age I knew that this shouldn’t and couldn’t be the way things “had to be.” In my mind, the only thing there “had to be” was a way for things to be different. A way that was better. 

I promised myself that I won’t be that way when I grow up. When I am home with my family (albeit, way in the future), I will be home with my family. This is what makes me so attached to NS. This is why I put so much work into promoting Lexio. The time I want in my future is exactly the time that Lexio gives back to people.

It isn’t just time to get coffee or check your phone in the office. It is real, valuable hours that get you home on time and gives you back long family dinners and trips to the park on Sunday afternoons.

It’s not just me, right?

I know so many people who have similar experiences, many of them within our own company. Our own head of product strategy and architecture, Nate Nichols, talks about it in the foreword of our book

Growing up, my dad was always working crazy hours. It was hard on me to not have him around much. I know he hated it too, but that was just what his job required. I don’t blame my dad, but I refuse to accept that as the status quo. We should work to live, not the other way around. And that’s why I’m so passionate about our products and the time they give back to people…

Sentiments like these are how I know that Lexio is life-changing. It isn’t just an office tool, it’s a life tool. It’s a “take five minutes on your commute to check the numbers” tool instead of a “take all of Sunday afternoon compiling a spreadsheet for your boss” tool.

Our time should be spent doing things that matter and things that have impact. Whether that is spending time with your family, grabbing a beer with your friends, or actually pulling insights from your data instead of just crunching numbers.

Turn these stories into “how it HAD to be” by refusing to accept the status quo

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